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Owner FAQS

Getting Started

  • How can I list my property with Sea Turtle Vacation Rentals?

    Listing your property with us is simple! Visit our website and navigate to the "Owner Services" section. There, you'll find information on how to get started with the listing process. You can also contact our Owner Relations team at (843) 755-7777 for personalized assistance.

  • What types of properties does Sea Turtle Vacation Rentals accept?

    We accept a variety of vacation rental properties, including houses, condos, and villas. Our team carefully evaluates each property to ensure it meets our standards for quality and guest satisfaction.

Property Management

  • How does Sea Turtle Vacation Rentals manage reservations and bookings?

    We handle all aspects of reservations, including marketing, guest communication, and payment processing. Our advanced reservation system helps optimize occupancy and maximize your property's rental income.

  • What services does Sea Turtle Vacation Rentals provide for property owners?

    Sea Turtle Vacation Rentals offers a comprehensive suite of services, including professional property marketing, guest screening, housekeeping coordination, and maintenance support. Our goal is to make the rental process as seamless and worry-free as possible for property owners.

Fees & Payments

  • What fees are associated with listing my property on Sea Turtle Vacation Rentals?

    Our fee structure is transparent, with charges for services such as marketing, guest services, and property management. We'll provide you with a detailed breakdown during the onboarding process.

  • How and when do I receive payments for reservations?

    You'll receive payments directly to your preferred method (bank transfer or check) on a regular basis. Our accounting team will provide you with detailed statements, so you have a clear overview of your rental income.

Property Care

  • What is Sea Turtle Vacation Rentals' approach to property maintenance?

    We prioritize the maintenance and cleanliness of your property to ensure a positive guest experience. Our team conducts regular inspections, and we work with trusted vendors for any necessary repairs or upgrades.

  • Can I use my own cleaning and maintenance services?

    While we have a network of preferred service providers, we're open to discussing your preferences. Our team will work with you to ensure that your property is well-maintained according to your standards.

Communication & Support

  • How will Sea Turtle Vacation Rentals communicate with me?

    We maintain open and transparent communication with our property owners. You'll have a dedicated Owner Relations contact who will keep you informed about reservations, maintenance, and any other relevant updates.

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